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Manslaughter Charges Can Lead to Wrongful Death Cases

Manslaughter is a crime that can yield stiff penalties. The crime can apply to situations in which the culprit caused someone’s death intentionally or unintentionally. Voluntary manslaughter usually has an element of rage, whereas involuntary manslaughter generally encompasses accidental situations. Involuntary manslaughter is generally assigned when the accused does not premeditate murder, but his or her actions still resulted in another person’s death. Some of the most common examples of involuntary manslaughter are:

● Fist fights that end in death
● Heat-of-passion incidents
● Intoxicated driver auto accidents
● Medical malpractice
● Reckless driving
● Defective product cases

Penalties for Manslaughter

Manslaughter penalties vary from state to state. Judges consider several factors like brutality of the case, whether the person has a prior record, and/or whether the person committed the crime while he or she was actively involved in another crime.

How Manslaughter Turns Into Wrongful Death

The element of neglect can yield a civil wrongful death case in addition to a criminal manslaughter trial. A reckless driving incident or a medical malpractice incident can quickly become a case in which an injured party seeks compensation for the losses in a separate civil proceeding. The accused can end up serving jail time as a result of their criminal hearing in addition to owing the deceased person’s family hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of a separately filed civil claim.

You may be eligible for compensation if you are related to someone who was tragically killed in a manslaughter incident. A Miami FL wrongful death attorney can help you discover the truth about what is owed to you.

Compensation That You Can Receive In A Wrongful Death Case

There are two main types of compensation that you and your family may receive if an experienced attorney represents you. The first type of compensation is called compensatory damages. Such damages cover expenses like funeral expenses, lost work wages for the family, therapy bills and the like. Punitive damages are an extra set of damages that a judge may impose because the crime that the offender committed was so heinous. Punitive damages are meant to punish the offender and compensate your family’s pain and suffering.

The Recovery Process

The recovery process starts with a phone call to a reliable personal injury attorney to schedule a consultation; most are no-obligation, free meetings in which you can discuss your claim with an experienced professional. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today if you or a loved one have suffered because of a wrongful death.

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